Hardie Siding

James Hardie

James Hardie is the leading manufacturer and developer of fiber cement building products in the world. The hardie board siding, which was created by James Hardie, is known as the best type of cement board siding. It is low maintenance and extremely long-lasting.

In terms of its appearance, Hardie board siding will mimic any style of siding you want. It is easy to get Hardie siding that looks like wood lap boards, cedar shingles or wood shake siding. There are an unlimited number of color options, while almost all the colors come with a 10 to 15 year warranty.

The product will last you for many years, while its versatility is unmatched by other types of siding. And there are plenty of other benefits to Hardie siding, such as:


When you get Hardie board siding, you are getting a 50 year warranty. The material is resistant to both rot and insects, while it can even survive the salt spray if it is installed in homes near the ocean.


Hardie siding is easy to manipulate so that it looks like any other style of siding. If you want your siding to look like wood lap boards or cedar shingles, but you want the other benefits of Hardie siding, you can get that done without any issues.

Fire and Storm Resistant

The material is made of 90 percent sand and cement, which means it is resistant to fire. It is also a material that will cope very well in heavy wind and rainstorms, along with snowstorms.