Eavestrough is the technical term given to rain gutters. These are attached to your roof so that they can channel the water away from the home and its foundation. Gutters will ensure the water drains properly from the roof and falls on the ground. They are especially crucial during periods of heavy rain fall or massive storms. They make sure there is no standing water on your roof, which can cause serious problems. They also make sure water does not get anywhere near your home’s foundation. If the water is constantly flowing down and sitting in the home’s base, it can cause erosion or water stains. Urban Siding & Exteriors is happy to repair or replace the eavestroughs at your home or business.



If you are interested in collecting the rainwater that gets on your roof during a storm, you can get a mechanism installed that directs all the water from the eavestroughs to a collection barrel. This water is usable for watering your garden and plants, instead of wasting fresh water from the hose.
It is important to check your gutters periodically to make sure they are draining water from the roof in the appropriate manner. If you notice that the water is not flowing properly through the gutters, or it is building up on your roof, it is crucial that you contact an expert repair company immediately. Even waiting a few days can cause serious damage to your home.
Our team will arrive at your location, fix the damage and check to see if any rotting or other issues were caused by the built up water. If you require an eavestrough installation or repair job completed in a timely manner, contact our company and we will arrive at your location as soon as possible. We service Ottawa and the surrounding areas.