Soffit and Fascia Installation and Repair

When considering siding or roof repairs for your home, the soffits and fascia are two of the most important elements. Soffits are there to bridge the gap between the siding’s top and the roof line’s bottom. The fascia covers the roof’s vertical edge. If either the soffit or the fascia is damaged, it is crucial to get a professional repair crew to your home as soon as possible so they can repair the damage. Siding Ottawa offers this service.


The soffits you add to your home are generally created from wood or vinyl. If these soffits are cracked or have huge holes, you will start to see animals and insects making their way inside. Water can also get through the soffit’s holes and cracks, which can lead to rotting. Soffits are very important for ventilating the attic, because of how they provide airflow and circulation. This is why you need to ensure no section of the soffit is compromised.


The vertical edge that is connected to the house’s rafters, trusses and the area where the gutters attached to the roof is the fascia. Not only does it give your roof an improved aesthetic appeal, but it also protects the wooden boards underneath from water and other elements. If the fascia board gets damaged during a storm or heavy bout of wind, you must get it repaired immediately.

Professional Team

When you contact Siding Ottawa, our professional team will arrive at your location, examine the spots where damage may have occurred and recommend a plan to action to repair the damage.