Wood Siding

Wood siding has a unique beauty that is hard to match with other materials. Wood siding and shingles are one of the most popular forms of siding in the Ottawa region. They allow homeowners to show the authenticity of their homes, while providing protection to the home’s foundation too. These genuine wood products are available in many different colors, which helps provide your home with a unique and organic look.

Wood siding is preferable to use on the exterior of buildings, especially when compared to some other types of siding. Timber provides fantastic aesthetic appeal, along with great durability. Wood siding boards are typically overlapped during the installation. Other manufacturers will also offer the cladding material in the form of panels or shingles. Wood siding is typically installed in a horizontal manner, but some homeowners prefer to have it installed vertically. The vertical installation is slightly harder.
There are many different types of wood you can select for your home’s cladding. Western red cedar is a great example of a popular type of wood siding today. It is extremely clean and resistant to decay. It is also very stable.

Another popular type of wood is the Douglas fir wood, which has a beautiful look. But it does require some additional coating to ensure it is more durable.